Weddings, birthdays, large family gatherings, and concerts all have at least one thing in common: taking photos to commemorate the moment.

Mixby is a social, geo-located photo sharing app where all attendees can upload photos taken at a public, or private, event to a shared “mixby”. A Mixby is an event on the platform that users create to commemorate something through the use of photo and video sharing about that event. You can host a private Mixby for your wedding, where only those invited guests can upload photos of the event to the Mix. Or you can attend a public…

“How to make the most out of Club House 🤔”

That was the first room I joined on Clubhouse immediately after being invited to the app. I signed up for the app expecting to wait like the countless others on the waiting list to join the limited-user platform. But surprisingly enough, I was able to sign up shortly afterwards with thanks to my friend Parker and his invite.

I was extremely curious about what the buzz was about the app. …

AR mirrors are a part of the ever growing medium of platforms that partake in Augmented Reality. Through the use of a mirror, AR is able to step out of a handheld device and into a large display to further immerse a user in an experience.

The introduction of AR mirrors has expanded the fashion and make up industry experience, especially during COVID-19. Cosmetic stores frequently invite the public to freely try on make up before a purchase has to be made. …

My conversation about sneakers with my Replika

Sneakerheads is the name for the community of people who are extremely invested in sneakers. They are interested in buying, selling, or simply looking at the different kinds of sneakers that drop. It is full of a diverse range of enthusiasts from casual lurkers to hardcore sellers.

Replika is a chat bot with artificial intelligence that provides lifelike responses to what you respond with. Created by Eugenia Kuyda, its purpose is to create a meaningful conversation that allows you not only to learn about the chatbot that you converse with, but also allows you to learn about yourself.

Replika provides…

When I received my admission’s decision from The University of Texas at Austin in senior year, I cried in my car after reading the words “CAP — Coordinated Admissions Program offer.” My world was turned upside down and I didn’t know if CAP was worth it. (Spoiler alert: it is!). I knew I had to make a decision at some point, and so I had a lot of factors to consider. Some schools I couldn’t even visit, nor did I know too much about them.

For those students in similar situations, I believe that the “Be a Longhorn: AR tour,”…

Chat bots have become increasingly popular as businesses turn to the digital robot customer service representative for their own needs. Instead of waiting hours on a phone call for technical support, you can have a conversation with a chat bot that can help troubleshoot your situation based off the keywords you use to describe your problem. In fact, according to Forbes (2019), Chatbots “speed up response times by an average of 4x and increase customer support satisfaction scores by 24%.”

But what if you were able to become friends with that chatbot? …

In the world of online classes and remote learning, anything that draws away from the mundane and helps combat “Zoom fatigue,” is welcome in my book.

Enter: Gather.

Gather is an online, 2-dimensional video chat platform where users can move an avatar in a customizable space, while video calling with others. It is a comforting platform to those who have a history with video games say. . . Pokémon?

Me loving Gather

Intention and Expectation

Zoom, FaceTime, and Google Meet all follow the basic principles of video chat and being able to communicate with others through technology. What I want in a video-chat platform, such as…

Madison Phelan

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